Kyla’s Story

kyla.jpgBefore I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 17, I was an athlete and a dancer. I loved playing softball, running track and being a part of my high school drill team. 

That all changed when I was diagnosed.  I remember losing my sight and the pain and fear it caused.  Steroids and codeine became my cocktail.

Slowly progressing, the MS affected my gait, balance, bladder, emotions, esteem and caused muscle spasms and pain over my entire body.  During my teens, I smoked marijuana intermittently. I noticed that it helped improve the quality of my life.

Cannabis eased the muscle spasms, the pain, the fatigue and my overall mood.

But because marijuana was illegal, I relied mainly on synthetic drugs like morphine and steroids to manage my intractable pain.  Now that medical marijuana is available, I have been able to treat my symptoms without the harmful side effects of opiates and other painkillers.  I’m in more control of my own health and my life is unquestionably better.